Blue Collar Millionaires:"I'll Never Tire of It" Slideshow


Larry Sutton is no ordinary tire salesman. He's the owner and creator of RNR Tires Express Custom Wheels, one of the largest companies in the tire industry.

Known in the industry as the "Reverend of Rent-to Own", Larry originally sold products in the retail, television and alliance industry. He applied his knowledge to the tire industry.

Larry's success as an entrepreneur allows him to own an Aston Martin and a 55,000 sq. ft. house.

When Denise Burgess took helm of the family business, Burgess Services, it was a small semi-successful construction company. Now, the company is overseeing around $44 million in construction projects. She truly deserves the title "The Queen of Construction.

Denise became in charge of Burgess Services after her father's untimely death. With little time to remorse, Denise went to work. She changed the strategy to sub-contract work out. This was a risk, but it paid off.

Because of her success, Denise is able to buy cars like a Porsche Cayenne and spoil her only daughter.

Dru Riess & Ray Salinas are not only best friends; they're also co-owners of Popular Ink. Their company specializes in printing food labels.

These two best friends bought and revived a dying printing company. This year, it's expected to bring in around $12.1 million in annual revenue.

With his success, Ray spent $120,000 on an interior designer for his $1 million bachelor pad, and bought a $30,000 Polaris slingshot.

Dru spends his money on his family. He explains he lives vicariously through his children and buys them stuff that he wishes he had when he was a kid. One of his purchases was a $22,000 custom swing set.