Hate your job? Feel stuck at work? Here’s what you have to do

What to do if you feel stuck at your job

If you strongly dislike the work you do each day, you are probably pretty miserable.

"You wake up, you hate your job. You go there, you decide to spend an hour in the bathroom just so you can be on your phone away from your desk — I get it," says Ramit Sethi, founder of the online personal finance and career resource "I Will Teach You to be Rich" and, where entrepreneurs go to launch and grow their online businesses.

Being bored and unchallenged by your job won't just make you frustrated, though. It's also going to hurt your career.

"Every day you are at your job that you're not being challenged, you're not being given more responsibilities, you're not building your skills," says Sethi. "Every day you're at that job, your skills are actually deteriorating because there's somebody out there who's being given more responsibility.

"They're getting paid more and they're building amazing relationships."

Get impatient with yourself. Nobody's going to wake up and hand you a dream job.
Ramit Sethi
personal finance guru

If you spend enough time in a job that you hate and that doesn't challenge you, "you almost can't catch up" with your professional peers who have been gaining momentum in jobs that they enjoy and push them, says Sethi.

"So, get impatient with yourself, spend the time when you get home deciding what your dream job is."

Once you have a vision of where you are going, then start seeking advice from those who have the job you want. "Start taking people out to coffee," says Sethi. "Start looking at other people who have built a career that you admire and learn from them."

Ramit Sethi
Source: Ryan Collerd

It may feel intimidating to ask those you look up to for their time. But Sethi says, often, people are eager to share their advice. Also, don't ask for too much time. "They will do it," says Sethi. "Say 'Hey, I'd love to know how your career path went. It'll take ten minutes of your time.'"

Getting out of a professional is really important, but it won't happen without you being proactive.

"Get impatient with yourself. Nobody's going to wake up and hand you a dream job," says Sethi. "You have to find it and when you do you will be excited to go into work, you'll be excited to be building your skills. You'll be getting paid what you deserve and being given way way more responsibility over so many things in life. That's a dream job."

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