Venus Williams: Why athletes make great entrepreneurs

Venus Williams: I'm not even close to moving on from tennis

Venus Williams is best known for her dominance on the tennis court. She has won 7 Grand Slam single titles and 14 Grand Slam doubles titles.

But she's also a entrepreneur. Williams is the CEO of interior design company VStarr Interiors and of the athletic wear brand EleVen.

Sport is so much like business.  It's all about strategy. And it's all about learning from losing. It's all about setting goals.
Venus Williams
tennis star and entrepreneur

Williams, currently ranked 13th in tennis, says the skills she has developed in tennis are the same that make her successful in business.

"Sport is so much like business," Williams tells CNBC. "It's all about strategy. And it's all about learning from losing. It's all about setting goals."

Venus Williams
Photo by Al Bello

Playing sports helps women learn to believe in themselves, which is crucial when it comes to starting your own business. "I encourage young women, and also young men as well, but especially young women, to build confidence through sport," says Williams.

Her younger sister, Serena, who is ranked number one in tennis, is currently part of a month-long Brawny ad campaign #StrengthHasNoGender, highlighting pioneering women.

While Venus is already building her business empire, she's still devoted to her tennis career.

Tennis is "the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning," she says. "And still, I am at that point when I wake up and the first thing I think about is, 'How am I going to get better?'"

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