3 ways to become more charismatic and boost your career

Oprah Winfrey.
Photo by Hindustan Times

From an early age, we're told if we want to achieve success, we need to work hard, be ambitious and not fear impending failures. But is that all we need to focus on?

A-list psychologist Richard Reid says charisma is crucial to determining your future success. He runs a charisma masterclass in London covering everything from body language and tone of voice to messaging and personal empowerment.

Often associated with its less desirable half-brother "charm," charisma is seen as a star quality. It's important if you're on the stage or in front of the camera, but Reid says "the art of charisma" can help anyone get ahead.

Rather than being a case of nature vs. nurture, charisma can be taught, according to Reid and his clients, who include Google and Morgan Stanley.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs and politicians use him to get into peak performance when they're closing a deal or want to influence others.

Welcome to the Charisma Masterclass

Here is Richard Reid's quick charisma master class and three areas to focus on:


"Power can be anything from physical strength to influence, financial success, intellect, something that means that you've got some ability to influence situations."


"The more present somebody is with us, the more we gauge that they're interested in us."


"Warmth is all about your intentions towards other people. Do you smile at other people? Do you show an interest in other people?"

But not everyone would agree that charisma is a key to success, including one of the world's biggest successes, the late Apple founder Steve Jobs.

"It's not about charisma and personality, it's about results and products," Jobs once said.