These are the lowest-paying jobs in every US state

If you're a fast-food worker, bartender or barber, where you live could make a difference to your paycheck. created a graphic showing the lowest-paying jobs in every U.S. state, using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the health-care sector dominated the highest-paying jobs, positions in the service industry monopolize the low end, ranging from gaming dealers to dishwashers.

"The lowest annual wage map shows that there is a greater variety of professions at the lowest end of the average annual wage range," reports. "Shampooers, ushers, manicurists, cooks, and food preparers are among the most common low wage professions."

This array likely stems from the fact that the minimum wage differs from state to state. While minimum-wage workers earn $11 per hour in Washington and Massachusetts, they make only $7.25 in many other states.

After finding the lowest-paying job in state, then ranked each one according to mean annual salary. Shampooers in South and North Carolina earn the lowest wages at under $17,800 per year.

Here is a look at the five lowest-paying jobs:

South Carolina

Profession: Shampooer
Mean annual salary: $17,190

North Carolina

Profession: Shampooer
Mean annual salary: $17,790

New Mexico

Profession: Manicurists and pedicurists
Mean annual salary: $17,880


Profession: Food preparers
Mean annual salary: $17,920


Profession: Ushers, lobby attendants and ticket takers
Mean annual salary: $17,920

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