These 3 intern horror stories will make you cringe

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Interns across the country are getting their first taste of the real world this summer. As they test out potential career paths, they are sure to have some ups and downs.

We collected the most cringe-worthy intern horror stories from the CNBC Make It editorial team. Here are a few that stood out:

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Taco bowl boss

"10 years ago I was an intern for a small PR firm in New York City. On my first day, my boss handed me a $20 and told me to get her this taco bowl from Wendys without tomatoes.

I returned with her fast food and they hadn't held the tomatoes like I had asked. My boss groaned and complained for the entire day.

From then on, I had to pick out every little piece of tomato out of her taco bowl."

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Mayor mistake

"I was an intern for the Major's Office of Los Angeles in 2012. During the annual Christmas party, I got a little bit more tipsy than I should have and tried to dance with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

He was known for being a bit of a ladies man so I figured why not try dancing with him? It only lasted for about 30 seconds. From then on I had a claim to fame and in retrospect, it was a bit out of line."

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Computer catastrophe

"In 2011, I was interning for a small public relations firm Chicago. I was doing research for an event and was surfing the internet. I must have clicked on some promiscuous sites because a day later I got a weird trojan security alert on my computer. Immediately, porn-related images started popping up all over my screen. I tried to stop them but they kept appearing.

Since I couldn't solve the problem on my own, I asked the office manager to come over to reset my computer. To this day, I think she thinks I was intentionally downloading the porn. Thank god this wasn't a shared/open office-space. Otherwise, the whole office would have been suspicious of me!"

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