Tony Robbins shares a 2-step strategy for feeling more in control of your life

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Each year Tony Robbins, best-selling author and speaker, takes on seven high-profile clients, which include tennis champion Serena Williams and award-winning actor Hugh Jackman.

To get his one-on-one training, it costs $1 million and there is a five-year wait list, he recently revealed while speaking at a three-day training event in Florida.

While most professionals don't have the money for that kind of training, he doesn't keep his strategies secret. At the Florida event, part of which streamed on Facebook, Robbins shared one of his top tips for reducing fear and stress.

The strategy is called priming, or conditioning yourself to react to events in a certain way.

"If you're going to get the results that you deserve and that you want, you want to prime yourself for success," he said. "You need a daily practice, a daily practice that's going to put you in the best state possible regularly.

Tony Robbins
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

To help prime yourself for feeling strong, Robbins recommends two steps:

1. Set aside 10 minutes each morning for reflection and mindful breathing, a process he told CNBC Make It helps him stay focused and motivated every day.

During this time, spend the first three minutes thinking about three things you're grateful for. Spend the next three minutes feeling at peace and thinking of people you care about. And lastly, spend three minutes envisioning three things you want to accomplish.

2. Make time to read a physical book, or listen to an audiobook that helps you overcome. If you don't have time to sit down a read a book, listen to an inspiring audiobook while you commute, do household tasks or exercise, Robbins said at the event.

"Prime yourself for courage," he stated, "rather than hoping you show up that way, based on the triggers of your environment."

With practice, these two steps will help you achieve your goals, he added.

"The most important muscles that change your life are those mental, emotional spiritual muscles," Robbins said. "If we develop them more, we're going to experience more."

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