25 companies where you can work remotely and part-time

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Working 40 hours or more per week in an office isn't for everyone. If you're a student, a caretaker, semi-retired or simply want to have a more flexible schedule, part-time remote work can be a convenient way to make money.

Right now, there are a lot of options out there. FlexJobs, a remote jobs listing website, recently published its 2017 list of companies hiring the most remote roles from January through June, many of which are part-time.

The jobs range from student services coordinator to executive assistant and customer service representative, and most can be done using a phone and a computer with internet connection.

If you're looking for a flexible working arrangement, check out these 25 companies looking for part-time, remote workers:

1. Kaplan
Available jobs include: SAT tutor and student services associate

2. Active Network
Available jobs include: Customer service representative and reservation agent

3. K12
Available jobs include: Elementary school teacher and high school teacher

4. Grand Canyon University
Available jobs include: Adjunct sociology professor and reference librarian

5. Edmentum
Available jobs include: English teacher and customer success consultant

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6. Connections Education
Available jobs include: Academic placement associate and environmental science adjunct teacher

7. GreatAuPair
Available jobs include: Childcare coordinator

8. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Available jobs include: Sales associate and content specialist

9. LanguageLine Solutions
Available jobs include: Phone interpreter in French, Somali, German, Spanish and other languages

10. Alere
Available jobs include: Field services representative and nurse

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11. VocoVision
Available jobs include: Occupational therapist and school psychologist

12. Chamberlain College of Nursing
Available jobs include: Visiting professor and event coordinator

13. FlexProfessionals
Available jobs include: Technical writer and graphic designer

14. Walden University
Available jobs include: Writing instructor and academic coordinator

15. Appen
Available jobs include: Social media evaluator and web search evaluator

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16. LifeBook
Available jobs include: Interviewer and ghostwriter

17. Worldwide 101
Available jobs include: Business support specialist and executive assistant

18. DVMelite
Available jobs include: Customer service trainer and mystery shop caller

19. McKesson Corporation
Available jobs include: Registered nurse

20. LiveOps
Available jobs include: Customer assistance representative

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21. Lionbridge
Available jobs include: Online search reviewer

22. Net Transcripts
Available jobs include: Transcriber

23. Supporting Strategies
Available jobs include: Accountant and bookkeeper

24. Achieve Test Prep
Available jobs include: Teacher assistant and account support representative

25. Working Solutions
Available jobs include: Customer service agent and event sales associate

To boost your chances of landing a remote job, make sure your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile highlight skills employers are looking for.

Jessica Howingtown, career content manager at FlexJobs, says job applicants should highlight "being able to focus and work independently, comfort with technology and troubleshooting, time and task management, and communicating through email, phone and instant message."

In addition, set up accounts with platforms many remote companies use, such as Skype, Dropbox, Google Drive and Slack.

"The great thing is that these are all free and available to the public, so if you're not familiar with them yet," she says, "create accounts and start using them."

Check out the full list here.

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