Post obscene 'New Yorker' rant, this video of Anthony Scaramucci giving advice on choosing your words carefully is amazing

Perhaps President Donald Trump's new White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, should listen to a bit of his own advice on how to communicate effectively.

In November, Scaramucci, then running the hedge fund company he founded, SkyBridge Capital, appeared on knowledge forum Big Think where he espoused his best advice on the subject.

"I find that words really do matter," explains Scaramucci to the camera.

"Particularly in our society today where we're getting a lot of our information electronically transferred I think words do matter. And I also think that for whatever reason, due to political correctness there's a heightened sensitivity to words," Scaramucci says in the video.

The advice has resurfaced a day after a New Yorker reporter, Ryan Lizza, published a piece detailing the gratuitous, obscenity-laden phone call he got from the new White House communications director Wednesday night.

"I'm not Steve Bannon, I'm not trying to suck my own c---," says Scaramucci to Lizza, whom he called trying to find out who leaked information to the reporter. "I'm not trying to build my own brand off the f---ing strength of the president. I'm here to serve the country."

The point of the Big Think video was to give communication advice to leaders, such as using "we" instead of "me" when talking to your employees.

"When you're managing a company you have to speak in the right way because if I say 'me' and 'my' and 'I,' I'm going to lose people around me," Scaramucci says. "[Y]ou should really think about it, if you're running a company when the word 'team' is in your head, it's together everyone achieves more," he explains.

However, Scaramucci's communication skills are questionable, even in the Big Think video — the financier goes on to say how words have changed, using now-unacceptable terms to describe Asian-Americans and African-Americans as examples.

"I find that words really do matter." -Anthony Scaramucci, White House communications director

"I hope I didn't offend anybody even by bringing those [words] up on — I'm just bringing up the illustration the evolution of the words," he says.

Scaramucci also admits he isn't the most eloquent communicator.

Anthony Scaramucci, White House communications director
Photo by Chip Somodevilla
Anthony Scaramucci, White House communications director

"Yes, I'm a very big believer that you have to use the right words. By the way, I don't always use the right words," he says in the video, in what now seems like a huge understatement.

"I'm from an Italian American family; we yell and scream at each other on Sundays; I got most of my media training passing plates of spaghetti as a kid," he says. "And so I'm very, very far from perfect," he says.

Thursday night, after The New Yorker story, Scaramucci tweeted an intention to improve his communication skills.

Because as Scaramucci advises in the Big Think video: "I think you can really see people's intentions by the way they talk to other people and their level of civility."

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