I quit my job

Dave Schools
Personal finance guru Ramit Sethi: 5 signs it's time to quit

I quit my job.

It was the biggest salary I ever made in my life.

My personal income went to $0. I threw away 66 percent of my belongings. My wife did the same.

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We bought a CRV and loaded everything we owned into it. We became nomads. We now move to a new metropolis every three months.

I write. That's all I do. Writing is my passion. I don't care if I make money or not, it's what I love.

Dave Schools

At least, I have 100 percent control of my time.

Now I have over 35,000 Medium followers, between my publication and personal accounts.

- I published a book.

- I built an app.

- I write for Inc. Magazine.

- I make as much as I had with a full-time job.

I can work 13 hours straight and love every minute of it. I have no boss.

If you're not loving your life or what you're doing with it, then ask yourself: How is my life changing?

Change brings discomfort. Discomfort leads to learning. Learning yields growth.

Growth fosters success.

I love what Albert Einstein said: "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change."

Is your life too comfortable? If it is, it's time to shake things up.

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This piece was originally published on LinkedIn.

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