Apply to one of these 10 companies if you want to work for a great boss

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Your relationship with your boss can make or break how much you enjoy going to work every day. According to the Harvard Business Review, a boss's leadership style can be contagious: Good leadership leads to higher employee engagement.

Employer review site kununu has compiled a list of 10 companies that offer employees the most support from management, based on results from half a million employee reviews. Moritz Kothe, CEO of kununu, tells CNBC Make It that many professionals consider a good boss to be someone who doesn't view themselves as a superior, and who listens to employees' needs.

"It all comes down to 'don't act like my boss,'" said Kothe. "Act like someone who supports me, listens to me and helps me to excel at what I do, while also considering a private situation that might come up."

To find out what employers are most likely to provide you a supportive manager, take a look at the list below:

10. Geico

Employee boss rating: 3.21/5

Employee review: "Management is great. They mentor you to be the best you can. They reward hard work and always help to get you to your goals not just their goals," reports one employee.

9. Cisco

Employee boss rating: 3.22/5

Employee review: "Work-life balance is encouraged, I love the ability to have flexible hours and work remotely when needed," reports one employee.

8. Allstate

Employee boss rating: 3.24/5

Employee review: "Allstate focuses on career development, flexible working arrangements and giving back to the community. I feel empowered and challenged in my role and have the support I need from my manager," reports one employee.

7. Apple

Employee boss rating: 3.28/5

Employee review: "Fearless feedback is a major component of the team, which leads to people challenging each other to grow," reports one employee.

6. Old Navy

Employee boss rating: 3.34/5

Employee review: "Our managers trust us to make the best decisions and use our problem solving skills. But, if we do need help they are always there for us to guide us in the right direction," reports one employee.

5. Barnes & Noble

Employee boss rating: 3.39/5

Employee review: "The managers aren't bosses, they're leaders," reports one employee.

4. Wawa

Employee boss rating: 3.46/5

Employee review: "They are amazing to their employees as far as understanding that we have a life outside of work as well," reports one employee.

3. State Farm Insurance

Employee boss rating: 3.48/5

Employee review: "State Farm really cares about their employees. It is a large company with a small company feel," reports one employee.

2. REI

Employee boss rating: 3.65/5

Employee review: "Everyone here wants everyone else to succeed. If there is something wrong with your work, they'll pull you aside and speak to you about it, making sure you understand how to do it right," reports one employee.

1. Chick-fil-A

Employee boss rating: 3.66/5

Employee review: "The boss trusts us to do the job correctly and if we can't we know we can ask for help," reports one employee.

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