These salary calculators could tell you if you’re being paid what you’re worth


If you've ever questioned whether your salary matches your skill-set, now's the time to find out.

Career-advice website Dice created a calculator that allows you to gauge your pay against your experience and position, and compare it to the wages of your peers across the country with the same job title.

The calculator uses location, position and skill-set to estimate average pay in your industry. "The tool also tells you which skills may add to your bottom line," Dice says. "For example, if you're an iOS developer, adding jQuery skills could boost your value by two percent."

Whether you're just starting a job, or you've held the same position for a while, Dice says, "there are resources to know if your salary is right."

For instance, if you're a speech pathologist with three years of experience and living in New York, you should be making about $68,950 to $89,635 per year. If you hold the same position and experience but are working in Tucson, Arizona, you can expect $55,511 to $72,164.

Salaries are often higher in big cities as employers try to account for the cost of living. But , the average salary of $73,410 for speech pathologists falls is not far from either estimate.

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Company-review and career-recruiting site Glassdoor also has a salary calculator which allows you to include your college, highest level of education, company, current base salary, benefits and age. Glassdoor's tool also allows for broader searches.

If you're a software engineer living in New York, with a bachelor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, three years' experience and are working for , your market value is about $106,991 per year. Career Cast says the average pay for that role is $100,690.

Lastly, Stack Overflow, a career-advice platform, has a salary tool as well. Its options related to location and job title are a bit more limited than calculators on bigger sites with more data capability.

While these salary estimators can offer you useful insights and data, they can't take into account your specific circumstances. Wages are usually dependent on factors specific to your experience and company. All the tools also rely on self-reported numbers.

Still, if you're inspired to try for an increase in salary, check out these three negotiation strategies that will help you get more money. If you're already in a job, .

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