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The highest-paying in-demand tech skill, according to Indeed—it can pay over $150,000 a year

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Employers are ushering in the age of AI. Nearly half, 45% of high level execs say they are actively upskilling and training their workforces in AI, according to a January 2024 Deloitte survey of 100 corporate executives. About the same amount, 44%, say they're currently hiring for it.

It should come as no surprise, then, that among the highest paid tech skills, generative AI comes in at No. 1. That's according to a recent report by job search site Indeed, which calculated which tech skills make the biggest difference in salary. When a job included generative AI as a desired skill, its salary was 47% higher, Indeed found.

"We are seeing a continued interest in AI-related jobs and skills," says Maggie Hulce, executive vice president and general manager at the job seeker division at the company. "Searches for generative AI jobs on Indeed have surged nearly 4,000% in the last year, and job postings for generative AI roles have seen a remarkable 306% increase since September 2022."

Here's what employers are looking for, specifically, and how to gain some generative AI skills yourself.

The average salary potential is $174,727

When it comes to hiring, some employers are looking for experts who can help them build AI tools for their business.

Among the job titles that include this type of skill are machine learning engineer, which designs computer programs for solving problems, and software engineer, Indeed found. The average salary potential for a job that includes generative AI is $174,727.

Other employers may simply be looking for people who know how to use generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot themselves to cut work time on administrative tasks, for example. Fiverr experts who offer to create images using generative AI tool Midjourney charge as much as $300 per project.

'Consider taking advantage of resources your employer has to offer'

If you're keen to either improve your generative AI skills or are even starting from scratch, there are many ways to go about it.

"Some effective methods for learning these tech skills include enrolling in online courses, attending boot camps, or participating in other training programs tailored to AI development," says Hulce. "These resources provide practical experience and can accommodate busy schedules." Various colleges and universities offer courses, as well as companies like Google and Udemy.

"If you're interested in upskilling within your current company, consider taking advantage of resources your employer has to offer, or asking what options for upskilling may be available," she says. "Lean into your network. Your co-workers and peers can often serve as additional resources to discover new tools, trainings and opportunities to upskill."

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