NYC bartender gets a $5,000 tip from a member of the 'PayPal Mafia'

Caitlin Cahill works at Guyer's on the Upper West Side
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One New York City-based bartender received an early holiday bonus this month in the form of a generous tip.

Caitlin Cahill was working at Guyer's on the Upper West Side on a slow Tuesday night when former PayPal executive Jack Selby walked in. He and a friend ordered $100 worth of drinks before leaving a whopping $5,000 tip.

At first, "I thought it was a prank," Cahill tells CNBC Make It. "He mentioned that he was with Tips for Jesus, but I thought that he was just messing with me."

The "Tips for Jesus" movement surfaced in 2013, when someone began leaving exorbitant gratuities of up to $5,000. The anonymous tipper signed the receipt "Tips for Jesus" and uploaded a picture of it onto an Instagram account.

In the most recent instance at Guyer's, Selby also wrote, "We Back!" on the receipt. It had been nearly a year since the Instagram account had added a new picture of a "Tips for Jesus" receipt.

Courtesy of Guyer's

Selby, a member of the "PayPal Mafia" — early members of the company who have since founded other successful tech companies — had been rumored to be the man behind the movement, but that was only confirmed recently, after he was spotted leaving the massive tip at Guyer's.

"What a cool thing, this guy Jack," owner Cindy Guyer told CBS News. "I'd like to meet him. I hope he comes back again."

Cahill, who has only been working at the Upper West Side bar for a couple of months, is excited to do some holiday shopping with her small windfall. She plans to donate a portion of it to charity, too.

And she's going to pay it forward. From now on, "I'm going to leave bigger tips," she tells CNBC Make It.

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Caitlin Cahill works at Guyer's on the Upper West Side
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