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9 great holiday gifts if you want to do all your shopping online

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The jam-packed stores, the endless check-out lines, the realization that what you need is out of stock — holiday shopping is a far cry from the cheerful department store experiences of yore.

This year, get all your shopping done with time to spare without ever leaving the couch (or glancing up from your smartphone). This guide has something almost anyone on your list will love, at a range of prices.

You don't even need to put on your shoes to find something so thoughtful they'll think you pounded the pavement for hours.

1. Zipper tote


Photo: L.L.Bean

Price: $29.95 (+ $8 monogram)
Buy now: Everyday lightweight tote, plaid, large

This lightweight zip tote can carry anything, from a week's worth of gym clothes to a grocery haul to all the provisions for a camping adventure. For $8 more, you can add a monogram, to really make it their own.

2. Their morning caffeine 

Jacqueline Harriet | Getty Images

Price: $20/month subscription
Buy now: Ozark Copper Espresso - Monthly Subscription - 12 oz.

Give the coffee buzz that keeps on giving with a monthly subscription to Onyx Coffee Lab. Your loved one will receive a 12-ounce bag of Ozark Copper Espresso each month, so they can think of you with each cup.

3. Magazine subscription


Price: $19
Buy now: National Geographic

A fresh magazine is the ultimate treat, particularly during the busiest travel times of the year. Help their New Year's Day layover fly by with a year's subscription to a publication you know they love but might not spring for themselves.

4. Dinner, on you

Blue Apron

Price: $60
Buy now: Blue Apron gift card

If you can't be there to make dinner, why not pick up the bill — and the ingredients. A gift card to meal kit favorite Blue Apron will cover a one-week delivery of the service's two-person plan. Don't want to send dinner? Give a month's worth of wine pairings instead, for the same price.

5. The gift of time 

Getty Images

Price: $29
Buy now: Watch Gang Original Tier subscription

For the horologist in your life — or just the millennial employee who wants to look more professional — consider a subscription to this members-only watch of the month club. Choose your preferences and price level and they'll receive a new watch each month — and they can upgrade once they get that promotion.

6. Donate a flock of ducks

HOANG DINH NAM / Staff | Getty Images

Price: $20
Buy now: Heifer International flock of ducks

Take care of your loved one's end-of-year giving for them with a tax-deductible donation in their name to Heifer International. For $20, you can gift a family with a flock of ducks that provide eggs to be eaten or sold (if you want to step up your philanthropy, $250 will gift a water buffalo).

7. Bespoke Boxes

ONE TIME USE: Bespoke Boxes

Photo: Bespoke Boxes

Price: $45/month
Buy now: Bespoke Boxes

For that person on your list who has everything — but is always on the hunt for more — consider a subscription to Bespoke Boxes. The service offers a monthly curated selection of goods for those who have to have the best, whether they're making pasta or shaving.

8. City Constellation Map

ONE TIME USE: constellation map

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Price: $32
Buy now: Uncommon Goods City Constellation Map

For the offbeat recipient on your list, consider a gift from Uncommon Goods. This City Constellation Map (available for Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Boston and Washington, D.C.) brings a touch of cosmos to the cosmopolitan — and will jazz up any apartment.

9. Spa day

Boggy22 | iStock / 360 | Getty Images

Price: $50
Buy now: SpaFinder Wellness Gift Card

Travel, family, festive professional obligations — who doesn't need to unwind after the holidays? SpaFinder will locate professional spa and fitness services, from acupressure to laser hair removal, massages and fitness boot camps, near your recipient. With an emailed gift card, they can simply open their inbox and indulge.

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