Richard Branson checks social media every morning—here's the rest of his routine

Sir Richard Branson
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Even billionaires use social media. In fact, Richard Branson's morning routine always wraps up with "a social media sweep," he writes on his blog.

"I love logging onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram every day … Social media has opened up the world, and given the public the power to really have a say — it's a wonderful thing."

Besides checking social media, here's what the rest of the billionaire entrepreneur's typical day involves:

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He's up with the sun

"No matter where I am, I rise early — usually around 5:00 a.m.," says Branson, who likes to sleep with his curtains open so the sunlight wakes him up. "I find natural light to be wonderfully motivating. It's hard not to be enthusiastic about the day ahead with the sun streaming through the windows."

He's in good company: Tim Cook, Sallie Krawcheck and other highly successful individuals like to start the day before the average person.

He exercises

Branson knocks out his workout right away, preferring to play tennis. "If tennis isn't an option, then I'll go for a walk or a run, or jump on my bike," he writes. "If I'm near the ocean, and there's enough wind, I'll go for a kitesurf."

Exercise, he claims, boosts his productivity significantly.

For breakfast, Branson opts for something high in fiber, "like muesli and fruit," and gets his caffeine fix with tea. He and his wife Joan then check in with family. "Exercise and family time put me in a great mind frame before getting down to business," the Virgin founder says.

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He answers emails

"I like to wake up early so that I can work through my emails before most of the world logs on," Branson writes. And since he works from the British Virgin Islands for at least six months out of the year, "I like to be online early, so that I am accessible and available to our offices in other time zones."

He reads the news and blogs

Catching up on social media and the news typically leads to writing, says Branson, who updates his blog multiple times per day.

In general, he's "constantly connected and engaged," he says, "and I like it that way."

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He works through lunch

"I grab food when I can, normally scheduling a meeting over lunchtime," writes the self-made billionaire in a separate blog post. "I'm not a fan of formal meetings and would much prefer to lighten the mood with a shared meal, or if I'm pressed for time, a walking meeting."

And he always has a cup of tea within reach: "To keep me energized, I drink lots of tea. I'm talking 20 cups a day."

He eats dinner with friends and family

Group dinners are "where stories are shared and ideas are born," Branson writes. Just in case, he always has a notebook with him. In fact, he credits some of his most successful companies to the simple habit of jotting down ideas.

He goes to bed around 11:00 p.m. "I need around six hours [of] sleep [to] do it all again — a little differently — the next day," he says.

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