Take a look inside the most expensive home in Malibu — an $85 million cliff-side mansion

Inside Malibu's most expensive mansion

For $85 million, you could be the proud new owner of the most expensive home in Malibu, California, as featured on an upcoming episode of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."

The billionaire founder of Oracle is a neighbor. "You can look down at Larry Ellison from this pool," says show host Robert Frank, of the backyard's view. "[Ellison] doesn't like to hear that," counters the home's designer, Scott Gillen.

Dubbed "The New Castle," the ritzy cliff-side mansion is named after another castle-like home that previously inhabited the space, which burned down in a wildfire in 2007. Gillen rebuilt the estate, drawing on his unique work history for inspiration.

"My background is in film," he tells "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" host Frank. "You see what I want you to see when I want you to see it."

Let's take a look at his latest creation.


Immediately upon entering, you're face-to-face with a glass wine cellar hiding the view beyond. "When you come through the front door, we don't want you see the ocean immediately, so we built the rack to disguise the water," Gillen says of the structure.

Past the wine rack, the home opens up to clear views of the backyard pool and coastline below. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the spacious room with natural light.


Gillen treated the mansion like a movie set, meticulously designing each detail to serve a purpose and add to the overall aesthetic.

"If you don't put the materials together in the right place at the right time or the right moment, then they clash," he says.


In total, the home covers 15,500 square feet of space and includes several custom-built pieces, such as a $20,000 adjustable desk and a $100,000 circular black walnut bathtub, both of which Gillen produced himself.


Each room flows into the next one, all featuring sleek hardwood floors, neutral-toned furniture and windows at every turn, providing a constant reminder of the home's incredible location.

"The house just unfolds in front of you," Gillen says.

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Inside Malibu's most expensive mansion
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