You could score a job working for billionaire Richard Branson—and get to live on his private island

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson
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Have you ever wanted to leave the office and head straight to the beach? Well, here's your chance.

As first reported by Metro, Richard Branson's Virgin Group recently posted a job listing on Linkedin, seeking a personal assistant who will also perform administrative duties.

The listing notes that the chosen candidate will live on Necker Island, an exclusive luxury setting in the British Virgin Islands owned by Branson. Although the island was hit by Hurricane Irma recently, it boasts wildlife like iguanas, flamingos and lemurs, water activities like water skiing and sailing and lots of "sun, sand and sea."

Plus, you may catch the occasional celebrity guest: The Obamas, Harry Styles and Mariah Carey are just a few notable names who have spent time on the island recently.

According to the job listing, the selected candidate will be responsible for diary and email management, general correspondence, filing, archiving and booking travel. The person will also act as the personal assistant for the island's general manager and take over as Branson's personal assistant when his main assistant is on vacation.

To snag this role, you must have stellar organizational skills as well as "practical experience" working in a busy office, according to the job ad. However, personality is equally important. The listing states that applicants must be self-motivated, outgoing and enthusiastic. You should also be able to balance the work that you're doing with an "essential need for discretion and confidentiality."

The ad notes that the job comes with a heavy workload. "It's a busy role in two even busier offices so think carefully as it's not for everyone (despite the sunshine)," writes Virgin.

Although the personal assistant position is an entry-level job, the selected candidate could receive some quality face time with Branson, which is important for two simple reasons: The billionaire is known for doling out useful business advice to young people and he takes promising employees under his wing.

In his autobiography "Finding my Virginity," the billionaire writes that he's always on the lookout for new talent to promote at Virgin. But to get on his radar, you must show three traits, he says: be personable, detail-oriented and hardworking.

In an interview with The National, one of Branson's long-time personal assistants Helen Clarke describes her day-to-day as the billionaire's right-hand-woman. The 38-year-old says that one of her most common duties is going through and answering all of Branson's emails. "He gets a ton every day and he likes to keep on top of them as much as possible," says Clarke. "He likes everyone to get a response."

She also follows his "hectic" schedule, which means "I travel with him constantly," explains Clarke. Applicants for the latest personal assistant role must be willing to travel.

To apply, you must send a cover letter along with a two-minute video explaining why you want the job, an interesting fact about you and why you're suitable for the job.

But you need to hurry: The application closes March 10th.

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