Almost half of Americans shop online while drunk—here's how much it's costing them

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If you've poured yourself a glass of wine or two and then started browsing Amazon, you're not alone — and you may well have spent more than you meant to. A new survey finds that Americans who shop online under the influence spend over $40 each time. 

Gin drinkers actually spend the most, about $82 on average, while whiskey drinkers are the cheapest buzzed buyers, according to addiction treatment facility the Archstone Recovery Center. They polled over 1,000 people who reported purchasing an item off of Amazon while under the influence of alcohol.

Boozy purchases often end in buyer's remorse. About 50 percent of those surveyed said they later returned what they bought, Archstone finds.

And buying under the influence is more common than you think. Almost half (46 percent) of Americans admit to regularly making purchases while drinking, according to a February survey of 2,001 U.S. adults commissioned by

Overall, the Finder report estimates, Americans spend $30.4 billion on spontaneous drunk purchases, the most common being food, followed by shoes and clothes. That's about $447.57 per person.

If you're looking to keep your online spending in check, the best advice is to slow things down: Experts recommend leaving the items in your cart overnight, or even for 24 hours. This may actually may save you money, even if you do decide you still want what you were considering, since many retailers will send coupons or discounts in an effort to convince you to check out.

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