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A Master Coach explains why you should trust yourself, and not let a fear of failure intervene


From time to time, we all suffer from self-doubt and consider the easier option rather than what our gut tells us is the right thing to do. Fighting such feelings of uncertainty is no easy task.

Nicolette Wilson-Clarke, founder of Embodied Entrepreneur and Master Coach to Creative Entrepreneurs, said that the best piece of advice she ever received was to have faith in herself and what she could achieve.

Wilson-Clarke told CNBC Make It about a time when a fellow coach invited her over to carry out a creative exercise that involved a wall and post-it notes.

She was asked to write answers to questions on a variety of topics, including her aspirations and identity, and stick the answers onto the wall under the questions.

It offered Wilson-Clarke a "wonderful opportunity," she said, at a time when she was dealing with internal conflicts. She was considering starting a family and was concerned about her health and juggling her career aspirations with being a mother.

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"We put a post-it note here in this color, (we put one) in that color over there, up, down, back, front — everywhere," Wilson-Clarke said.

"When we had finished, I looked at the wall and all of the doubts and fears that I had — everything was disproven. All the evidence of me being greater than I believed I was at the time was on that wall."

The exercise revealed that Wilson-Clarke was stronger than she gave herself credit for — having it all laid out in front of her had boosted her confidence.

"I looked at the wall, and I was like, 'Wow.' And (the coach) just turned to me, and she said, 'Trust what is right in front of you. Trust what you are living, because it is all there.'

"And I just remember looking at it and thinking, 'Why did I doubt myself? Because I've got everything I need to become who I am afraid of stepping into.' And that for me, was very powerful."

Wilson-Clarke works with her clients to empower them by helping them unlock their full potential. She uses a lot of visuals, writing and introspective measures to help clients progress and become the successful entrepreneurs they want to become.

Nicolette Wilson-Clarke, Master Coach to Creative Entrepreneurs 
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However, she added that should a client avoid allowing themselves to accept his or her qualities and achievements, this can unfortunately result in self-sabotage — so the "greatest piece of advice I've had is to really trust yourself."

"Trust that inner voice and trust that first voice — the voice that tells you that 'You can,' not the voice that tells you, 'Maybe you can, but what if?' That's the fear," Wilson-Clarke said.

She told CNBC in an email later that she had learned that her own fears were solely based around not wanting to fail.

"When I realized that it is I who benchmark failure, I realized that it didn't really exist," she said. "I now realize how powerful I am when I simply trust and surrender to the unknown, continue to live by my values and pursue my inner-most desires."

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