8 companies offering work-from-home jobs that don't require a college degree

A cyclist rides past Google Inc. offices inside the Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California.
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In an effort to secure the best talent on the market, more and more companies are expanding their applicant pool to include professionals without a traditional college degree.

Job search site Glassdoor compiled a list of who some of these companies are, with top employers like Apple, Google and IBM making the cut. Recently, FlexJobs examined that list to see which companies are also in their database with open positions that allow employees to work from anywhere. (FlexJobs notes that while some of the available work-from-home positions at these companies do require a college degree, there are many open positions that don't.)

Take a look at the list below to see which flexible companies you should consider working for if you don't have a four-year college education:

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1. Google

According to FlexJobs, instead of requiring a college degree, Google has a lot of open positions that require what the company calls "equivalent practical experience."

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EY building in Detroit, Michigan
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2. Ernst & Young

While some positions at EY still require a bachelor's degree or higher, FlexJobs says that the global financial services company has a lot of open flexible positions in its United Kingdom division that do not require a college degree.

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3. Penguin Random House

According to FlexJobs, this publishing company has open flexible positions where "equivalent work experience" is accepted if an applicant doesn't have a four-year degree.

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4. Hilton

According to FlexJobs, this hotel management and hospitality company has several flexible job options that only require a high school diploma.

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Tim Cook with Apple employees
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5. Apple

According to FlexJobs, Apple has open positions for "entry-level and experienced workers that require facility with technology, good communications skills and the ability to focus on details — but no college degree."

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People walk by the Nordstrom men's store, the company's first-ever Manhattan location in midtown at 57th and Broadway on April 12, 2018 in New York City.
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6. Nordstrom

According to FlexJobs, the retail giant has offered several store-based and administrative flexible positions that don't require a college degree.

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Pedestrians walk in front of the IBM building in New York.
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7. IBM

According to FlexJobs, IBM has flexible positions that may require technical experience or a special certification, but no four-year college degree.

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A Lowe's store in Mount Laural, New Jersey
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8. Lowe's

According to FlexJobs, Lowe's offers a variety of flexible positions that don't require a degree for both in-store employees and those who work remotely.

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