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This CEO sold his company for $1 billion—here's how he finds work-life balance

This CEO sold his company for $1 billion—here's how he maintains work-life...

Michael Dubin hasn't slowed down since Unilever bought his startup Dollar Shave Club for a reported $1 billion in 2016.

Dubin still serves as CEO of the subscription service, one that specializes in affordable razors. The business currently boasts around 4 million members.

"I think I'm working harder now than I ever have, really," he told CNBC Make It in late 2018.

That said, he's learned some hard-won strategies to balance his work and personal lives since founding the company in 2011.

One key technique is meditation. Dubin said he meditates "every day … twice a day. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon."

"After my meditation, I'm calmer, I'm more focused and I've got more energy."

He's in good company. Some of the most successful leaders, from Ray Dalio to Jack Dorsey, swear by meditation's impact on their focus and well-being.

Dubin said he also makes sure to take vacations. While he didn't take vacations in the early years of his business, he said he has learned to carve out that time to relax and recharge.

Recent research finds this practice is especially important for execs and busy leaders. New findings from the Helsinki Businessmen Study revealed that execs who took vacations lived longer, even when they lived otherwise healthy lifestyles.

Says Dubin, "It's important to get away and get some perspective." When you come back, "you are obviously more effective."

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