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Oscar-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg says he barely spends money–even on this essential

Jesse Eisenberg reveals his biggest splurge

He's played tech billionaires, wealthy supervillains and Wall Street traders, but Oscar-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg says in his own life, his spending is mostly on essentials.

"I don't buy any clothing," he tells CNBC Make It, adding that he might keep something like a pair of jeans at the end of a film project. "That changes my choices of movie roles, of course, because I want to have a nicer wardrobe!"

Currently, Eisenberg can be seen starring alongside Alexander Skarsgård and Salma Hayek in "The Hummingbird Project," a high-stakes financial thriller. He says he did make a big purchase after his first big payday, but it backfired.

"I bought a house, which was kind of a mistake. Things were constantly falling apart in it, and I was never home to fix it."

Eisenberg isn't the only celebrity to go overboard after getting that first big paycheck. "Shark Tank" star Daymond John told CNBC Make It he bought seven houses after his first payday, including two neighboring Miami properties, before realizing his mistake.

"You can't sleep in two beds in one night, and you just don't need it," John said. "My friends and everybody else enjoyed the houses more than I did."

Eisenberg says if could give his younger self one piece of advice, it would be to lighten up a little.

"I would tell my 20-year-old self to relax, because I was so panicky all the time," he says. "It ends up burning calories unnecessarily."

"The Hummingbird Project" opens in New York City and Los Angeles on March 15th and in select theaters nationwide March 22nd.

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