The 5 industries with the most job growth in the US, according to Glassdoor

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While the economy continues to post consistent job gains each month, data from Glassdoor shows that hiring in the U.S. has taken a dip from a year ago.

In April, job openings increased to nearly 5.6 million, up 1% from the previous month but down 0.4% from April 2018. Glassdoor senior economist Daniel Zhao says that the numbers this year are in "stark contrast to previous years," when strong job growth was seen in the first quarter due to hiring increases after the holidays.

Using data from its platform, Glassdoor took a look at the five industries seeing the most hiring growth:

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5. Facilities

Year-over-year job growth: 17.4%

4. Information Technology

Year-over-year job growth: 22.9%

3. Accounting & Legal

Year-over-year job growth: 23.6%

2. Insurance

Year-over-year job growth: 29.9%

1. Consumer Electronics

Year-over-year job growth: 60.2%


Zhao notes that it's interesting to see that the internet and technology industry, which includes companies like Facebook and Google, was not at the top of the list.

In fact, Glassdoor data shows that year-over-year job growth for this industry was down 28.5%.

"Part of the reason for that is because 2018 was a really strong year, especially at the beginning," he tells CNBC Make It. "But, for the tech industry in particular, they had a lot of scandals and political matters and that uncertainty around regulations may be driving back hiring for some of the larger employers."

Zhao adds that this decrease is in contrast to other tech-related industries, like information technology, where job growth increased by 22.9% from last year.

As industry growth and demand continues to change, Zhao says that job-seekers should emphasize two types of skills when looking to get hired: technical skills that pertain to data, and soft skills, like interpersonal skills and problem-solving.

"Employers are still looking for soft skills, including communication and understanding the business," he says. "Those are important in any industry."

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