These are the top 10 start-ups to work for in France, according to LinkedIn

Xinhua News Agency | Getty Images

Parisian apparel brand Sezane has topped LinkedIn's annual ranking of the best start-ups to work for in France.

The company claims to be the first French fashion brand born online, and describes itself as a "unique playground for talent who likes to shake preconceived ideas."

To be eligible for LinkedIn's ranking, companies had to be privately held, have at least 50 employees, be no more than seven years old and be headquartered in France.

Start-ups were analyzed based on employment growth, non-employee engagement, job interest and attraction of top talent. LinkedIn compiled its list by measuring those four pillars between July 2018 and June 2019.

CNBC takes a look at the French start-ups named as top employers by LinkedIn.

10. Wemanity Group

Headcount in France: 320
Headquarters: Paris

Wemanity helps corporations with digital transformations that allow them to be "just as quick as a fresh new start-up." The company's values include being community driven, disrupting the status quo and prioritizing fun and creativity at work.

9. Back Market

Headcount in France: 160
Headquarters: Paris

With offices in Paris, New York, Bordeaux and Prague, Back Market is on a mission to reduce waste and environmental damage generated by the production of consumer electronics. The company "refurbishes" used devices including Apple iPhones and MacBooks and sells them at a discounted rate.

8. Listen Too

Headcount in France: 85
Headquarters: Paris

Employees at consultancy Listen Too are among the happiest in France this year, according to Great Place to Work's annual ranking. Listen Too prides itself on its efforts to prevent employee burnout, which include wellbeing coaching, seminars and sport-related activities.


Headcount in France: 85
Headquarters: Paris

Founded in 2017, home-sharing platform Leavy has built a community of 60,000 "happy leavers" who are paid to rent their homes out while they're away. Members are paid whether or not their home is being stayed in, with the company taking care of cleaning fees and key exchanges. Leavy has ambitions to open offices in a dozen European cities by the end of the year, including its existing locations in Paris and Amsterdam.

6. Doctrine

Headcount in France: 85
Headquarters: Paris

Doctrine, which is used by more than 2,000 lawyers, is a search engine for legal information. The company has raised 12 million euros ($13 million) through fundraising, and its team is on a mission to develop artificial intelligence that can revolutionize an entire industry. Teams at Doctrine are organized into "squads" to maximize communication and agility, and potential new hires are invited to lunch with existing employees to ensure they're a good fit for the company.

5. Virtuo

Headcount in France: 70
Headquarters: Paris

Virtuo claims to be the first 100% mobile car rental service in Europe, allowing customers to make bookings on their smartphone and collect their car without visiting a rental counter. The company, which raised 20 million euros in February, has a strong presence in Belgium, France and the U.K., and plans to expand across Europe beginning with Spain and Germany.

4. PayFit

Headcount in France: 230
Headquarters: Paris

In June, HR platform PayFit announced a 70 million euro fundraising round. The firm, which specializes in payroll management, plans to recruit 240 employees within the next year. PayFit works to take care of its employees, priding itself on being transparent at all levels of the company, organizing regular team building events and rewarding employees for their achievements.

3. Alan

Headcount in France: 110
Headquarters: Paris

Alan, an online-only health insurer for start-ups and small businesses, is looking to attract Europe's best engineers and salespeople, with a median salary of 68,000 euros on offer at the company. Since being founded in 2016, Alan has raised more than 75 million euros.

2. Brut

Headcount in France: 90
Headquarters: Paris

Media firm Brut creates short-form video content on topics from politics to pop culture, generating more than 500 million views per month across eight social media platforms. The company hires journalists, developers, data analysts and customer managers.

1. Sezane

Headcount in France: 200
Headquarters: Paris

French fashion brand Sezane was founded online in 2013, and since then it has gained more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone. The company focuses on limited edition lines and frequently renews its collections to offer luxury at an affordable price.

Sezane's clothes are sold in stores in Paris, New York and London, with the firm focusing on a "lean production model" to ensure nothing is left unsold or discarded.

The company, which describes itself as a "happy mess," says it's looking for "humble personalities who are more interested in solutions than problems and for whom nothing is out of reach."