These 4 mansions have backyard water parks and insane pools

4 mansions with insane waterpark backyards
4 mansions with insane waterpark backyards

These four mega-mansions all make a splash when it comes to outdoor living, from an over-the-top water slide, to a haunted water park, and even a luxurious water-filled resort built by pop music superstar Celine Dion.

Take a look at these insane pools.

Wet, wild and spooky

This french-chateau style mansion in Dallas is a whopping 37,000 square feet.

The gated entrance to the $28 million Dallas estate.
Source: Y+A Real Estate & Asset Management

The owner bought the mansion next door and connected the two homes to create a lavish mega-residence. It includes an indoor basketball court that can be turned into a nightclub.

The DJ booth above this indoor basketball court makes this second mega-mansion the ultimate party pad.
Source: Y+A Real Estate & Asset Management

But outback is where you'll find the estate's most unusual feature: a giant water park that's "haunted."

The estate includes two mega-mansions that were combined to create a lavish residence with a special waterpark feature.
Source: Y+A Real Estate & Asset Management

There's a 750,000-gallon party pool with three giant waterslides, a lazy river and even a water canon station where you can soak your buddies.

This backyard water park has three water slides, a zip line and a lazy river.
Source: Y+A Real Estate & Asset Management

There's also a zip line that plunges you into the pool.

The pool features a zip line ride that drops you directly over the water.

But to see the scariest part of this backyard you have to float down the lazy river into the mouth of a menacing skull that leads you into a "haunted grotto," complete with a sound system that pumps in creepy screams and scary sound effects.

The entrance to this 'haunted lazy river' ride includes a menacing giant skull.

As if that's not scary enough, the owner filled the grotto with animatronic mummies, ghosts, bats and ghouls that can pop up and taunt you as you float your way through the spook-fest.

The 'haunted grotto' includes spooky animatronics that guide your way on the lazy river.

Celine Dion's water world

When Celine Dion designed her seaside mansion on Jupiter Island in Florida, she built her children a massive private water park in the backyard.

Celine Dion's massive beach-front estate on Jupiter Island located off the coast of Florida.
Source: Robert Stevens Photography

The diva's secluded 6-acre property has 486 feet of unspoiled beach-front with views of the Atlantic, but that's tiny compared to the water world she built in the backyard.

Bird's-eye view of Celine Dion's massive water park that takes up most of her 6-acre estate.
Source: Robert Stevens Photography

A full 460,000 gallons of water flows through Dion's trés chic aquatic paradise.

Two slides converge into a lazy river in Celine Dion's personal waterpark.
Source: Robert Stevens Photography

It includes two slides, a swim-up bar,and a lazy river with currents that float you through the private paradise. There are several bridges and three spots that simulate a shoreline like on a real beach — only in Dion's pool there's no sand.

There is also an outdoor fire pit in the center of the infinity pool.

Celine Dion's firepit during sunset.
Source: Robert Stevens Photography

The 18,000-square-foot main house includes an indoor/outdoor living room with walls that open to water-filled backyard.

The view from Celine Dion's indoor-outdoor living room overlooking her pristine waterpark.
Source: Robert Stevens Photography

The island retreat was originally listed for $72.5 million. After some time on the market with no offers, Dion dropped her asking price to $45.5 Million. It eventually sold for just $28 million.

Backyard 'Atlantis'

This fancy 11,000-square-foot mansion in Boca Raton, Florida sits on 6.5 acres.

This residence in Boca Raton, Florida has a massive waterpark in the backyard.
Source: Senada Adzem/Douglas Elliman

The moment you walk through the doors, its opulent entrance screams elegance, but the home has a wild side hidden outback.

The grand entrance to this $5.5 million home in Boca Raton, Florida.
Source: Senada Adzem/Douglas Elliman

The owners of this estate spent $2.5 million to build a version of their favorite vacation spot in the Bahamas: The Atlantis Resort, in their own backyard.

The massive undertaking took two years to complete.

The massive rock formation in this $2.5 Million backyard waterpark inspired by the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.
Source: Senada Adzem/Douglas Elliman

And just like the Caribbean resort, their private resort has waterslides, and lazy river built into Mayan-style stone structures, with palm trees and cascading water falls.

This calming lazy river ride floats by giant Mayan-style stone structures.

The 170,000-gallon party pool even has a swim-up bar for sipping champagne.

The swim-up bar in this backyard oasis is built into a mayan-inspired rock structure.

Real estate broker Senada Adzem, who represented the owners, tells CNBC the home and mini Atlantis in the back sold for $5.5 million.

Bedroom waterslide

This 19,000-square-foot modern residence is located on Indian Creek in Miami Beach, Florida

Aerial view of Miami Beach mansion with a backyard oasis.

Built into the backyard is a giant pool and a $250,000 waterslide that goes from the master suite on the home's second level straight into the pool below.

The pool area of this Miami mansion includes an 80ft infinity pool and jacuzzi.

The super-slide structure, which includes a glass staircase, weighs several tons and had to be shipped in by barge and craned into the backyard.

The $250,000 waterslide escape from the master bedroom of this Miami Beach mansion.

If you don't feel like sliding out of bed into your pool, there's also ground floor access from the living room, which has a wall of windows that slide away and open to the backyard oasis.

The separate entrance to the giant waterslide escape in this Miami Pine Tree home is a glass staircase custom built for the home.

Real estate broker Eloy Carmenante tells CNBC the home and all furnishing sold for $24 million.

Ray Parisi is senior executive producer and Erica Wright is a producer for CNBC's special projects unit.

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