NYC's most expensive hotel suite has some insane perks (and cheap stuff for non-hotel guests too)

See inside New York City's most expensive hotel

At $75,000 per night, the Mark Hotel penthouse is the most expensive hotel suite in New York City. Some of the insane perks that come with the suite, which is the size of a mansion, are a rooftop skating rink and a 70-foot sailboat.

But if you're not a guest of the hotel, there are still things you can get at The Mark for dirt cheap – or even for free.

First, here's some of what $75,000 a night gets you.

A suite the size of a mansion

The penthouse of The Mark Hotel is 10,000 square feet and it has 26-foot ceilings.

Great room
The Mark Hotel

In 2019 it made headlines as the location for the baby shower Serena Williams threw Meghan Markle.

The Mark Hotel

The suite has five bedrooms, a massive formal dining room, kitchen and library.

Master suite
The Mark Hotel
The Mark Hotel

It's also two levels: A grand staircase leads to a sunlit lounge that opens up to a 2,500-square-foot wraparound terrace with views of Central Park.

The Mark Hotel

USA Today reports the average size of a hotel room in the U.S. is 330 square feet, while the average rate for a hotel room in Manhattan is $273.16 per night, according to CBRE Hospitality Research.

The Mark Hotel

The Mark Hotel's penthouse is nearly thirty times bigger than the average hotel room and nearly 275 times more expensive than an average New York City hotel room.

The Mark Hotel's then-general manager, Olivier Lordonnois, told CNBC in 2018 that the penthouse suite is in such high demand, a guest once rented it out for 16 consecutive months. In a separate interview, the hotel's owner told CNBC that the five-figure nightly price tag is non-negotiable, meaning no one gets a discount. Assuming that guest paid full price, that's a more than $36,000,000 hotel bill with taxes and room service not included.

If the mansion-sized penthouse is out of your price range, an Expedia search found that the best rate for a standard room at The Mark can be found during select dates in January, February, March and the summer, at $595 a night. (Yes, still very pricey.)

Access to the roof-top skating rink

The Mark Hotel's penthouse skating rink

For paying penthouse guests, the suite's private rooftop can be turned into a skating rink at no extra charge. The rink is made of a Swiss-engineered synthetic ice called "Glice," that never melts. That means guests can skate on a Manhattan rooftop overlooking Central Park, even in 90-degree heat.

Room service by a world-famous chef

All hotel guests have access to room service by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, a world-renown chef who has Michelin-rated restaurants around the globe. (He runs The Mark Restaurant, a restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel.)

Chef Jean-Georges
Source: Francesco Tonelli

The least expensive thing on the room service menu is a half-chilled grapefruit for $10. And the most expensive? A roasted free-range organic whole chicken for $90.

Access to the hotel's sailboat

For $5,000 two guests can have a two-hour sail along the Hudson River on the The Mark's 70-foot sailboat. Catering for the trip is provided by The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges.

So what happens if you're not a guest? Here are two things anyone can experience at The Mark for less than $10.

A Jean-Georges Vongerichten gourmet hot dog

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten stands next to his hot dog cart outside The Mark Hotel in New York City.

The Mark operates a hot dog cart near the entrance to the hotel. But it's not your average New York City street dog. The cart is run by The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges, and the cost of an organic chicken or beef frank is just $6. It also comes with a selection of fancy condiments from Kimchi to Yuzu pickles.

A free shoe shine

Tucked away on the second floor of The Mark is what can be considered a five-star shoe shine. Anyone can have their shoes cleaned, buffed and shined, absolutely free of charge (tip is not included).

Christopher DiLella is a producer for CNBC's special projects unit.

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