5 high-paying side hustles that can earn you as much $200 per hour—or more

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As states throughout the country reopen their economies and people look for additional or new sources of income, many could turn to side hustles to make some cash. 

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, as many as 45% of working Americans had a side hustle outside of their primary jobs, according to a 2019 Bankrate survey of 2,550 adults.

If you're looking for a high-paying gig while searching for a new job, or to help you save money for the future, consider these five side hustles that could net hundreds of dollars or more per month.

1. Virtual tutor

If you're an expert in a particular field or have a background in teaching, virtual tutoring may be a good side hustle for you, especially since it can be done safely from your home or anywhere you have an Internet connection.

It also allows you to capitalize on people's desire to learn something new, or improve their career-related skills, while they're at home or between jobs. 

  • Varsity Tutors offers students hour-long lessons online in subjects from geometry to ACT prep to French. Tutors have the flexibility to choose their hours, and the average rate can be up to $40 per hour, according to SideHusl.
  • Thinkific enables you to build an entire website for your course, including features like quizzes and various types of media like videos. Teachers choose from a series of user plans to build their courses, including a free plan with no fees, according to Thinkific, and the site recommends pricing your course at $199 or more.
  • Teachable enables you to create a course either on its site or your own. Its current courses range from Buttercream Flowers Class ($49) to Drone Pilot Ground School ($299). Teachers pick a plan, from $29 per month to $249 per month. All courses also include processing fees.

The nice thing about the prerecorded courses is "you do the work once and then bring in a continuing stream of income," says Kathy Kristof, editor of Sidehusl.

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2. Translator

If you're fluent in another language, companies and individuals worldwide could use your services for anything from translating literature to translating legal documents.

Consider listing your translation services on sites like Upwork, where translators charge as much as $112 per hour, or Bunny Studio. Note that UpWork charges a 5% to 20% service fee, depending on the project price.

Since translation can be done from your couch, it's also a smart side hustle for the current moment.

3. Rent out your home for a celebration

"We're seeing people now trying to schedule smaller weddings in unique locations," says Kristof. Given the pandemic, "you can't have 150 [guests at a wedding], so [brides and grooms] are looking at backyard weddings."

If you have a spacious or unique home with a backyard, consider renting it out on sites like Giggster, where people charge anywhere from $60 to $720 per hour to rent out their homes, or Peerspace, where people charge anywhere from $75 to $300 per hour. Note that both Giggster and Peerspace charge a 15% service fee for hosts.

Take precautions when making transactions with your renters. Make sure to maintain the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's social distancing protocols, including standing six feet apart, wearing a mask, and cleaning and disinfecting any surfaces that may have been used by you or them.

This guy makes six figures a year with his dog walking business
This guy makes six figures a year with his dog walking business

Video by David Fang

4. Mover

As renters move within cities during the pandemic, and out of them altogether, movers are in high demand.

If you own a truck or a pickup van and are comfortable with heavy lifting, services like GoShare let you book various moving gigs for average earnings of anywhere from $42 to $66 per hour, according to their website. Sites like TaskRabbit also enable you to list your moving services; movers there charge as much as $200 per hour.

Again, when making transactions with clients, make sure to follow all social distancing protocols, and clean surfaces like those in your vehicle regularly.

5. Resume writer

Millions of recently unemployment people are or will be looking for work, and many could turn to resume writers to help them ensure they're making the best possible impression on hiring managers.

If you have recruitment or human resources experience and know what employers are looking for, or if you're interested in taking a free course on resume writing on sites like Coursera, consider offering resume writing as a service.

Resume writers on Upwork charge as much as $150 per hour, and writers on Fiverr charge as much as $350 per resume. Note that Fiverr charges its sellers a 20% fee plus an additional $1 to $3 fee to transfer money to their account, according to Sidehusl.com.  

"There is so much out there," says Kristof about side hustle options. "There are great opportunities in every single category. You [just] have to decide what category or categories fit you."

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