5 in-demand skills job seekers should include on resumes, according to a labor economist


In a competitive job market, it's important to make sure your resume reflects the skills employers are looking for. "When you receive 150 applications for one opening, employers care ever more about quality and about qualifications," says Julia Pollak, labor economist at ZipRecuiter

"If you can take some time and invest in a certification or some online qualification," she says, "that can make you more competitive in the future."

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Here are five of the most in-demand skills Pollak suggests including in your resume, based on the number of times they appear in ZipRecruiter listings. Make sure to include specific examples of how and when you used them on the job.

1. Coding

Understanding website development is highly coveted, as every company needs a website. If you know a coding language like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, make sure to put that out on your resume, including specific examples of sites you built or maintained.

2. Database management

Database management software allows people to organize, store and pull whatever data they need from the system when they need it. Familiarity with this kind of software — Oracle Database, Teradata Vantage, IBM Db2, MySQL, or Microsoft Access — ranks high among skills employers are looking for.

3. Social media analytics 

With social media offering an array of opportunities for brands to connect with their customers and grow awareness about their products, "skills like improving and tracking engagement and reach" on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are highly coveted, says Pollak.

Give examples of when and how you used social media to improve reach in previous jobs, including which platforms you used and exactly what metrics you measured with them.

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4. Expense tracking

Depending on how big the company you're applying for is or what roles you're interested in, companies may need you to take on administrative duties like invoicing, payroll, and expense tracking. If you have experience doing any of the above or using applicable software like QuickBooks, make sure to mention it. 

5. Microsoft Office and G Suite

Workers are likely familiar with the Microsoft Office suite, which includes Word, Excel, and Access, and G Suite tools including Sheets, Slides, and Forms. Pollack says high-level expertise, especially in tools like Excel and Access, can be valuable.

"Really solid-to-advanced Microsoft Excel skills are hugely valuable and are required in a vast range of industries and occupations," Pollak says.

Because these are commonly used programs, if you're going to list them, be sure to give examples that showcase that high-level expertise. 

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