• The Federal Communications Commission hit CBS with a $272,000 proposed fine for misusing the Emergency Alert System in an episode of "Young Sheldon." 
  • ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and AMC's "Walking Dead" saw similar fines last month. 
A scene from "Young Sheldon" on CBS.

CBS' "Young Sheldon" is the latest television show to see a proposed fine from the Federal Communications Commission for misusing the Emergency Alert System.

An episode of the show that aired on April 12, 2018, included a tornado warning sound effect that violated the rules of the FCC, the federal regulator said in a statement. The FCC proposed a $272,000 fine against CBS.

"Unauthorized use of the EAS Tones undermines the EAS and presents a substantial threat to public safety," the FCC said in the statement. "The underlying policy concern is not limited only to potential listener confusion at the moment of the improper broadcast of the EAS Tones; the Commission also has warned that the use of simulated or actual EAS Tones for non-authorized purposes – such as commercial or entertainment purposes – can lead to a dangerous 'cry-wolf effect' or 'alert fatigue.'"

The FCC noted that CBS said it modified the alert so it appeared behind the dialogue, but that the modifications did not change the "fundamental and distinctive dual-tone frequency, pitch, and timbre characteristics of the EAS Tones themselves."

CBS officials declined to comment. 

Last month, the FCC slapped ABC with a $395,000 fine for simulated alert tones used in a skit on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The federal regulator also hit AMC with a $104,000 fine for using the tone in an episode of "Walking Dead," according to Deadline.