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Lazetta Braxton Wed, 9 Oct '13 | 2:38 PM ET
Lazaretta Rainey Braxton

Lazetta Rainey Braxton is founder and CEO of Financial Fountains, delivering financial planning and investment management services.

Joshua M. Brown Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:44 AM ET

Josh Brown is CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, author of "Backstage Wall Street" and financial blog The Reformed Broker, and a CNBC contributor.

Ron Carson Mon, 11 Nov '13 | 2:54 PM ET

Ron Carson is the founder and CEO of Carson Wealth Management Group, an author and a registered principal at LPL Financial.

Brittney Castro Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:46 AM ET
Brittney Castro

Brittney Castro is founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women, an investment advisory specializing in helping women and couples meet financial goals.

Richard Coppa Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:48 AM ET
Richard Coppa

Richard Coppa, managing director of Wealth Health, has specialized in advising high-net-worth executives and business owners for more than 15 years.

Mark Cortazzo Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:48 AM ET
Mark Cortazzo

Mark Cortazzo is senior partner and founder of MACRO Consulting Group.

Cathy Curtis Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:49 AM ET
Cathy Curtis, CNBC Financial Advisory Board

Cathy Curtis is an independent certified financial planner and founder and owner of fee-only investment advisory firm Curtis Financial Planning.

Ric Edelman Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:50 AM ET
Ric Edelman

Ric Edelman is chairman and CEO of Edelman Financial Services, author, TV and radio host, and frequent speaker on personal finance.

Stacy Francis Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:51 AM ET

Stacy Francis is president and CEO of Francis Financial, a fee-only wealth management advisory serving women, couples and those experiencing divorce.

Sheryl Garrett Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:53 AM ET
Sheryl Garrett

Sheryl Garrett is CEO and chief compliance officer of Garrett Investment Advisors and founder of the Garrett Planning Network of fee-only advisors.

Ed Gjertsen II Thu, 17 Oct '13 | 10:30 AM ET
Ed Gjertsen

Ed Gjertsen II is vice president of Mack Investment Securities and incoming president of the Financial Planning Association for 2014.

Barry Glassman Tue, 10 Dec '13 | 10:54 AM ET
Barry Glassman, CNBC Financial Advisory Board

Barry Glassman is founder and president of Glassman Wealth Services, specializing in alternative asset-allocation strategies.

Ivory Johnson Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:56 AM ET
Ivory Johnson

Ivory Johnson is founder of Delancey Wealth Management, with more than 20 years of investment experience.

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:57 AM ET
Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury is a wealth psychology expert, author and founder of KBK Wealth Connection.

Michael Kitces Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:58 AM ET
Michael Kitces

Michael Kitces is partner and director of research at Pinnacle Advisory Group, as well as an industry speaker, author and commentator.

Diahann Lassus Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 9:59 AM ET
Diahann Lassus

Diahann Lassus is president and chief investment officer of Lassus Wherley, which she co-founded in 1985.

Tim Maurer Thu, 17 Oct '13 | 10:31 AM ET
Tim Maurer

Financial planner, speaker and author Tim Maurer is a wealth advisor and director of personal finance for Buckingham and the BAM Alliance.

Carolyn McClanahan Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 10:00 AM ET
Carolyn McClanahan

Carolyn McClanahan, an M.D. and CFP, is founder and director of financial planning at Life Planning Partners and a regular speaker on health and finance.

Geri Pell Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 10:02 AM ET
Geri Pell

Geri E. Pell is CEO of Pell Wealth Partners, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services.

Jon Yankee Fri, 14 Feb '14 | 10:03 AM ET
Jon Yankee

Jon Yankee is chief financial officer and co-founder of FJY Financial, where he leads the firm's human-capital strategy and summer internship program.

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  • The CNBC Digital Financial Advisor Council is made up of 20 high-level financial professionals. These wealth management professionals will contribute guest columns over the next 12 months as well as provide their insights and frontline perspective to the CNBC Digital news team covering this dynamic space. The goal of assembling this esteemed group is to provide investors with straightforward, informative and relevant content that make investment terms and strategies more transparent and help them navigate the multitude of complex investment options and strategies.

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Financial Advisor Council

  • Diahann Lassus

    President, chief investment officer and co-founder Lassus Wherley.

  • Tim Maurer

    Speaker and author Tim Maurer is a wealth advisor and director of personal finance for Buckingham and the BAM Alliance.

  • Carolyn McClanahan

    Founder, director of financial planning, Life Planning Partners

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