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If you're writing about careers or personal finance there just aren't that many topics for you to cover. Mostly, you look around for old ideas to pack in new clothing. And when there is a new idea, you have to expect five or ten other people to pounce on it. Coincidence? I'm too paranoid to buy that.

I wrote a column, not very serious, about getting rich by marrying into money at Within the week, someone had written an article with the exact same thesis and a few more interviews for Yahoo Finance. I didn't begrudge the person, but it really did make me feel like there was something impoverished, or even incestuous, about the state of personal finance writing.

I bring all this up because this blog launched on Thursday, and it included a post abouthow undergrads and business school types should be hiding at law schools right now. So imagine my surprise when an piece with a similar thesis, but a few more interviews turns up on the New York Times.

Given the situation we're in, I'm a lot more inclined to believe that this was coincidence, great minds think alike, etc.

But let me make you this promise, so this site doesn't turn into yet another sclerotic purveyor of boring, recycled ideas: if I see an idea I like somewhere else on the web, instead of pretending I came up with it myself, I'll link to it so you can read the original, and maybe throw in a couple comments of my own.

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