Make Me a Millionaire Inventor: 'Growver' & 'Glide Cycle'


Dave Vidmar is the inventor of the Glide Cycle, a low impact running cycle. He also invented the Glide Track, a similar device which is currently used in physical therapy centers.

George takes the Glide Cycle out for a test run. He explains it's "'like floating on air" while also "getting a serious workout." George feels the Glide Cycle could benefit patients in physical therapy.

Jon is an electrical engineer and inventor of the Growver, a solar-power robot that will water the lawn. Deanne explains that the engineering is great, but the look and feel needs to be revamped.

Deanne also learns that John quit his job and also mortgaged his house to develop Growver.

George brings the Glide Cycle to Bluefish Concepts to help develop and tweak. Deanne attempts to ride it with very little success.

George and Dave head to a physical therapy office to get feedback on the Glide Cycle. The therapists explain that it would be beneficial for many of their patients.

They also take it out to Venice Beach and have former pro soccer player Bryan Jordan ride it around. While there, it becomes an attention-getter; many people try it out. With the success of the field test, George thinks there may be an additional demographic market available.

Bluefish Concepts show off the new Growver prototype. Jon is impressed and refers to it as the "new and sexy Growver."

Deanne and Jon take the new and improved Growver out for a field test. Many of the homeowners are curious about it and see potential in the device. Now, it's pitch time!

Jon's pitch and demo for the Growver goes smoothly. However, the investor, Jens Horstmann, points out that there are other competitors in the market and that there should be more to the robot than just watering.

Despite Jens' concerns, he sees potential and makes a deal with Jon for $750,000 for 12 percent equity. Jon explains he's excited to see what the future holds for Growver.

Dave pitches the Glide Cycle to potential investor, Terry Moore. Terry is impressed that Dave's already sold some units but he is concerned about the number of units that would need to be sold to break even.

Ultimately, Terry thinks there is potential and offers Dave $1.4 million for 51 percent equity. Dave accepts.