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Make Me a Millionaire Inventor: 'Smart Goggles' & 'Wake Wing'

Deanne visits Dr. Liu and Dr. Papay. They've invented the Smart Goggles; a bio-medical device that allows surgeons to see illuminated cancer cells on the surface of the skin

The Smart Goggles prototype is still very DIY and testing has only been done on small animals. Dr Papay estimates that they need about $1.5 million to continue developing it.

George meets Cory, the inventor of the Wake Wing, and his fiancée, Amy. Corey describes the Wake Wing as a fusion between an airplane wing and a wake-board.

Corey's Wake Wing prototype is built to a 1/3 scale. George thinks that getting it to fly will be a challenge. George also believes Cory's business plan needs a major overhaul.

Dr Liu and Dr Papay meet with the engineers at Blue Fish Concepts and discuss the prototype. Dr Pompay explains they are looking for a sleeker design that is more wearable during surgeries.

George brings the Wake Wing prototype to Blue Fish Concepts. Deanne and the engineers are extremely skeptical of its ability to fly.

In order to test the Smart Goggles, Deanne and Dr. Liu test it on a human cadaver arm. The surgeon, Dr. Gastman, explains that the device would help take the guesswork out of surgeries, and offers advice on how the device could be improved.

The engineers show Cory the prototype for the Wake Wing they worked on, Corey is speechless when he sees it. George explains that building a prototype was the easy part, the challenge will be getting it to fly.

To test out the Wake Wing, George and Cory meet up with professional wake-boarder Austin Keen. Despite several attempts, Austin is unable to get it off the water. George thinks that some additional design tweaks may make it work.

Dr. Gastman does a field test with the Smart Goggles on a live patient. Dr. Gastman admits that the Smart Goggles are able to identify a more precise area of the skin cancer than the standard procedure.

Despite not getting the Wake Wing to fly, Cory and Amy pitch it to Shawn Nelson. Shawn likes their passion but feels that it needs to fly before he can invest.

Before Dr. Liu and Dr. Papay pitch the Smart Goggles, the engineers of Bluefish Concepts show off their updated prototype. Dr. Papay is amazed at how light it is.

Overall the investors are impressed with the Smart Goggles but are concerned about the overall costs. The investors offer to provide a more accurate financial analysis in exchange for eight percent equity. Assuming finances work out, they agree to contribute more in the future. Dr. Liu and Dr. Papay agree.

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