Billionaire: Make this word your mantra

Billionaire: Are you actually successful?

Want to be more successful? Don't pretend to know it all, says Tilman J. Fertitta, owner, chairman and CEO of Fertitta Entertainment, the powerhouse behind restaurant giant Landry's and Golden Nugget casinos.

Even this billionaire admits he doesn't have all the answers.

"I think the successful people in the world are the ones who say, 'I don't know everything.' Because I can tell you, I learn something every single day," he said.

Instead, start making this phrase your mantra.

Tilman J. Fertitta, Billion Dollar Buyer
Mario Anzuoni | Reuters

"It's something that I preach — it's 'change change change.'"

That mantra is part of the multi-industry mogul's daily routine. And in his opinion, it's critical to staying relevant.

"Every day, to me, is a learning process," Fertitta said. "When I put my head on that pillow at night, I know that I learned something else that day."

Opting not to could spell bad news for a business, or even a career.

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"If you're not willing to change, change, change, you are not going to be successful in this world today, because it is such a fast-moving world," Fertitta said.

That's why winning in business — for this highly successful entrepreneur — isn't about the cash.

"You can't measure success by money. You've got to measure success by how good are they in their field in what they do," he said. "Success is anybody that's at the top of their game at whatever they do."

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