Even this World Cup champion didn’t think she was good enough

Why this gold medalist wishes she could go back in time

Despite Christie Rampone's impressive career, the former captain of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team has struggled with self-doubt and plenty of obstacles along the way.

She told CNBC that she second guessed herself a lot when she was younger.

"I had the ability. I had the awareness, but I just always didn't think that I was good enough," she said, adding that she wishes she could go back and say to her younger self, "You're good enough. Have the confidence and go after it."

Rampone explained that part of being a professional athlete is getting injured and trying to catch up with the rest of the team. Then there's the possibility of not making rosters or travel squads and getting cut from rosters, things Rampone said she had to overcome.

"I had to just keep believing in myself and keep fighting and persevering through that," she said.

Christie Rampone of USA women’s Olympic football team in action during a training session ahead of the Olympics on July 19, 2012 in Glasgow, Scotland. (
Jeff J Mitchell | Getty Images

Persevere she did. After debuting in international competition in 1997, Rampone has helped the United States clinch three gold medals at the Olympics and two World Cup titles.

The 40-year-old soccer player has two daughters who have accompanied her on the road.

Rampone said it was challenging to balance her responsibilities as a mother, while maintaining her athletic competitiveness.

"It was a challenge to put things in perspective. ... It was getting used to that and juggling it all to where I could perform at my best and be the best mother I could be," she said.

Rampone says that the secret to her success and career that has spanned nearly two decades is not getting swept up and overwhelmed by everything on your plate.

"Focus on what you're doing at that moment and be all in because if you're thinking about what's going to happen two hours later — or in life, especially as a female — be that strong confident woman that you can be and just believe in yourself and set your mind," she said.

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