This entrepreneur sold an app to Snapchat for $54M and is now traveling the world

This man is taking his family on a permanent vacation
This man is taking his family on a permanent vacation

Entrepreneur Garrett Gee decided to ditch the regular lifestyle and travel the world after selling Scan, a mobile scanning app he co-founded, to Snapchat in 2014. The deal for Gee and his co-founders was valued at $54 million at the time — $30 million in cash and the rest in equity in Snapchat. Gee declined to disclose how much he personally made from the deal.

But here's the surprise: the family hasn't touched any of the money from the Snapchat deal yet to pay for their vacation, which they began more than nine months ago.

Instead, Garrett and his wife Jessica "Settie" sold most of their belongings, including their cars, furniture, TV and extra clothes, and are using money they made to fund their adventures.

Garrett Gee and his wife Jessica "Settie" sold most of their belongings in order to travel the globe.
Source: The Bucket List Family Instagram

The couple and their two young children, Dorsey and Manilla, call themselves "The Bucket List Family." So far, 25-year-old Garrett and 29-year-old Settie have traveled with their kids to a wide range of exotic spots, such as Turks and Caicos, Thailand, Australia, Tahiti and Hawaii.

"We were going to take the typical next step in life and 'grow up' and build a house and settle into careers..buuut how bout not!" the family wrote on their blog.

Garrett's LinkedIn profile reads "2016 : Sold everything for adventure around the world with family."

Most recently, the family was exploring Oregon. To follow their adventures, check out The Bucket List Family blog.

Video produced by Erika Santoro.