The 10 states where workers hate their jobs the most

These are the top states where people hate their jobs the most

Tons of people across the U.S. don't like their jobs, and it turns out that some states are home to more misery than others.

Job search platform Monster and analytics company Brandwatch recently mapped out the states with the most unhappy workers. To do it, they combed through more than 2 million tweets that included negative mentions such as #hatemyjob and "my job is awful" and positive ones like #Ilovemyjob and "my job is the best."

Here's the breakdown of job sentiment across the U.S, according to the 2016 "Uncovering Social Sentiment in the Workforce " report, where darker colors represent higher levels of negativity:

The 10 states with the highest ratio of unhappy workers are Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Louisiana, Florida, Connecticut and Delaware — which comes in dead last, scoring the worst for job happiness.

It seems East Coasters don't have much love for their jobs, compared to the rest of the country.

And bigger isn't always better. Three of the 10 most populous states in America — Michigan, Ohio and Florida — were featured in the bottom 10 states for worker happiness.

To learn more, check out the full report.

Interested in seeing how your state scored on CNBC's Top States for Business ranking? Check out coverage here.

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