Adventure Capitalists - "Lake/Mountain" Gallery

Meet Marimar White-Espin and Mike Radenbaugh the inventors of the Electrafin, an electric motor which can be attached to a paddleboard.

Here is a closeup of the slim, unobtrusive electric engine on a paddleboard. Not too clunky.

Even kids can use the Electrafin as an easy way to get around in the water.

Craig Cooper wipes out when his paddleboard gets too close to a patch a seaweed. Ouch!

Not wanting to be the only one in the water, Craig Cooper topples Dhani Jones from his paddleboard!

Meet Ryan Shearman. After a bad motorcycle accident, he created Fusar, which is similar to OnStar, for motorcycle riders.

It looks like an ordinary helmet but there are tons of features packed into the Fusar.

Perhaps the best feature is the black box accident feature demonstrated here. After an accident, the helmet alerts people so they can find you and get you some help.

All of the Adventure Capitalists look at a cellphone for Ryan's location after the simulated crash.

Craig Cooper and Jeremy Bloom can hear each other but Dhani Jones can't hear either of them. Something is wrong with his Bluetooth connection.

Martin Zemitis and Richard Ying are in the business of making extreme tents.

The Khiltna Dome is their biggest, most successful tent but it costs a pretty penny to own.

Here, you can see the Khiltna Dome in use high in the mountains in the snow.

Looks like Dhani Jones and Craig Cooper love the wind machine. Once they stop playing around, they'll try to build a tent in that same wind.

Dhani Jones and Jeremy Bloom work feverishly to build a competitor's tent until it gets blown away by the wind machine. No such trouble with the Khiltna Dome.

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