Cleveland Hustles: "Honey or Hip"

When Wesley Bright walks into the room wearing a bee suit he understandably makes people nervous but there are no bees in sight. Phew!

Wesley gives Jonathon a proud tour of his neighborhood apiary. Wesley has been able to convert vacant lots in his neighborhood into revenue.

Wesley is happy to have a pop up location but he has no idea how to fill it… or how to get rid of that purple paint.

Once he realizes the size of his task, Wesley asks his friend McKenzie for help. The two of them try to get advice from Bonin about how to best move forward.

Wesley is a serious one-man-band. Here, he makes furniture from scratch for his new pop up shop.

Maverick Carter, LeBron's business partner and childhood friend, stops by to give Wesley some words of encouragement.

Even though Wesley had a banner day at his very first pop up shop, he thinks that all of it is too much too soon. When Jonathon offers him a deal, Wesley walks away.

Phillip and Jaclyn Watcher created Fount, a high-end leather goods company in their apartment and quickly realized they needed to move to a bigger place.

With their baby on her hip, Jaclyn talks to Jonathon about their slim profit margins to date and their plans for the future.

Once they get the keys to their pop up shop, Phillip and Jaclyn have to decide how to decorate it but at least they have lots of product to fill the space with.

Thankfully, Fount has a staff of employees, which makes the task of preparing for the pop up challenge much easier.

During a quick visit, Bonin cautions them against trying to sell a $600 leather bag in the pop up shop and encourages them to scale down.

Phillip and Jaclyn are elated! They got a deal even better than the one they were asking for and they don't have to give up any equity!

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