Make Me a Millionaire Inventor: 'Barrier to Entry' Gallery

George Zidan, one of the hosts of the show, meets Frank and Scott in Boone, North Carolina, to talk about their invention the Steakager.

George drops the Steakager off at BluefishConcepts to rework the device and make it more attractive. George wants it to look like a premium item not a DIY kit.

Meet the new, improved Steakager. Not only does it look better, the Bluefish version is shipped as a completely assembled unit in a very attractive box.

George gathers a group of bloggers and foodies to do a steak taste test and the Steakager steak beats an actual steak restaurant's steak!

Frank and Scott meet with Stephan Svajian, Co-founder of Anova Culinary, who tells them that Costco isn't their best bet.

Pat Lafrieda and his family have been in the meat business for more than 100 years. He sees the potential of the Steakager and makes an offer.

Meet Tommie, Vernice and their children. Tommie is a solar power engineer who has created a self-cooling straw hat.

This is Tommie's latest invention, the Kool Breeze Hard Hat, which was designed for construction workers.

Deanne brings both of the Kool Breeze hats to Bluefish Concepts. The straw hats are to examine but the hard hat is to be rebuilt.

The new Bluefish version of the Kool Breeze Solar Hard Hat has multiple fans integrated into the design and sleeker, smoother look.

During this construction zone field test, the Kool Breeze Solar Hard Hat cools the worker's heads by about ten degrees!

Tommie and Vernice have a consultant meeting with an ANSI certification specialist. He tells them exactly what they need to do to get their new hard hat certified.

It's time for the pitch meting with Kevin Herzberg, a real estate and construction investor. Despite getting solid answers to all his questions, Kevin doesn't see the merit of the Kool Breeze Solar Hard Hat. No deal for Tommie and Vernice

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