Make Me a Millionaire Inventor: 'Toy Tyccons' Gallery

Yancey and his family are thrilled to see George Zidan, co-host of the show, walking up their driveway. Now Yancey has a chance to make Waveskate a reality.

As soon as George Zidan brings the Waveskate to Bluefish Concepts, it gets put to the test. It can also be used indoors!

Pow! Yancey is so excited to see the Bluefish Concepts version of his invention the Waveskate. Now, it can change from skateboard to surfboard in one step.

Chad, a local 15 year old, gives the Waveskate a try at a skate park. Once he gets a feel for it, he says he might want to try surfing—something he wold not have though of doing before.

Professional surfer, Justin Swartz, gives the Wavesakte a try as a surfboard. He says it's a bit heavy but he still likes it.

A very clan cut Yancey can't wait to call his wife and kids to give them the good news. He has a deal to make Waveskate real!

Deanne Bell, co-host of the show, is very excited to meet June, the inventor of the Brickhole. His device promises to make cleaning fun.

Deanne shows the guys at Bluefish Concepts the prototype for the Brickhole. She wants it to look like something fun but she's not sure what.

June gets a look at the Bluefish Concepts version of the Brickhole. Now it looks like a rocket ship!

June and Deanne show a group of parents the Brickhole. These parents have agreed to let their kids make a mess and use the Brickhole to clean it up.

June has a momentary breakdown while talking about his brother, who is fighting cancer. June knows that a deal for Brickhole will help him pay his brother's medical expenses.

June pitches his newly renamed ToyVac to the founder of FreedomPop and makes a deal for $60K!

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