Make Me A Millionaire Inventor: 'Weekend Warriors' Gallery

George meets Thor and his son Luc. Thor has invented the Tailgater, a device that makes it super easy to tailgate.

George lowers the Tailgater for the first time. He likes its simplicity. Just fold it down and invite your friends over.

When it's time for George to bring the Tailgater to Bluefish, it's so heavy (180 lbs) that he has to drive it in.

Thor loves the Bluefish version of his Tailgater. It's lighter, less expensive and it even has space for an umbrella and a grill.

George and Thor look on as two families compete to get set up for tailgating faster. The Tailgater wins, hands down.

Evan Dash of Storebound makes Thor an offer he can't refuse. $500K, a 5% royalty and more time at home with his son.

Deanne meets Dan and Chris, a father and son duo who have created a better way to fish. Their invention, the Aguadrone, uses sonar to find fish.

Deanne handles the Aguadrone for the first time and gets a feel for it. She doesn't like that it's not 100% waterproof and that there are wires sticking out of it.

Deanne brings the Aguadrone to Bluefish for a few improvements. The bad news is that they can't change the basic design of the drone or Dan will lose $70K.

Dan and Chris love the new version of their drone. It's more functional, waterproof and it looks good too.

During the field test, there is a hiccup when Dan gives all the fishers the wrong password for the Aguadrone. When Deanne tries to ask him about it, he just walks away from her. Uh-oh.

Darryl Anunciando, the CEO of Action Drone USA, thinks that consumer drone sales have hit a plateau. He wants to move the Aguadrone into the commercial sector but the Aguadrone doesn't have the range he's looking for. No deal.

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