The 10 fields where you can earn the biggest annual bonus

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Bonus forecasts for 2016 are looking good.

The average U.S. worker will receive a holiday bonus 25 percent larger than the one he or she received last year, with the average being $1,000, according to an Accounting Principals survey of 500 companies.

But for professionals in certain industries, bonus season may be even merrier. LinkedIn salary data reveals which 10 industries will be dishing out the highest bonuses.

To identify these industries, analysts looked at the median reported bonus across all job titles that had 40 or more compensation reports.

Here are the industries with the highest annual cash bonuses, as well as the median reported bonus:

10. Corporate Services: $5,000

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9. Construction: $5,000

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8. Manufacturing: $5,380

An employee welds pipe at Pioneer Pipe in Marietta, Ohio.
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7. Health care: $5,500

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6. Retail: $6,000

Shoppers look at shoes at a Macy's department store in New York.
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5. Finance: $7,100

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4. Consumer goods: $7,500

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3. Software and IT services: $8,000

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

2. Hardware and networking: $9,000

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1. Energy and mining: $10,000

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