The 10 fields doing the most hiring through 2024

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The fastest growing jobs in the U.S. share two key traits. For the most part, they don't pay very well. They are also traditionally done by women.

This could be a problem, since, as The New York Times reports, many male workers balk at the idea of taking a "female job," even though when they do, they are paid more than female workers.

Relatively stagnant wages have long been a concern for economists, too, tempered only recently by news that hourly wages inched up 2.9 percent over the past 12 months, the strongest year-over-year increase in more than seven years.

According to the most recent workforce data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the issue of low wages will continue to be one Americans have to reckon with.

Here are the 10 jobs that will be adding the highest number workers between 2014 to 2024:

10. Construction workers

Number of jobs: 147,400

Median annual wage: $31,910

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9. General managers and operations managers

Number of additional jobs: 151,100

Median annual wage: $97,730

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8. Restaurant cooks

Number of additional jobs: 158,900

Median annual wage: $23,100

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7. Customer service representatives

Number of additional jobs: 252,900

Median annual wage: $31,720

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6. Nursing aides

Number of additional jobs: 262,000

Median annual wage: $25,710

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5. Retail salespersons

Number of additional jobs: 314,200

Median annual wage: $21,780

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4. Food preparation and serving workers, including fast food

Number of additional jobs: 343,500

Median annual wage: $18,910

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3. Home health aides

Number of additional jobs: 348,400

Median annual wage: $21,920

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2. Registered nurses

Number of additional jobs: 439,300

Median annual wage: $67,490

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1. Personal care aides

Number of additional jobs: 458,100

Median annual wage: $20,980

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