Blue Collar Millionaires: Married with Gators Slideshow

Ron Sturgeon is known as the "Junkyard God." When Ron was young, his father died, leaving him to figure out life on his own. Armed with a knowledge of cars, he figured out how to make money by salvaging old auto parts.

Ford Motor Co. gave Ron an offer he couldn't refuse. So Ron sold his empire to Ford ... and then bought it back from them and sold it to another company for even more money. With the money he made, he ventured into real estate investing and now lives a life of luxury.

It is no surprise that one of the things Ron spends his money on is cars. He owns 12 exotic cars which, all together, are worth about two million dollars. His favorite is the Lamborghini Huracan, which is worth $316K.

After coming home one too many times to a messy house, Debbie Wiener came up with the idea of Slob Proof Furniture, a line of furniture that is indestructible and easy to clean.

One of her inventions that took off is the "Slob Proof Touch-Up Paint Pen." She describes it as "makeup for your walls." It allows for an easy touch-up to any marked or stained walls.

It is no wonder that Debbie's motto in life is "Don't stress the mess. Life's too short."

Husband and wife Bunny and Rick Lightsey own Florida Trophy Gators. Taxidermy is the biggest part of their business, but they also sell meat, hides and make leather goods. In 2015, they grossed $1.4 million.

Rick handles the trapping, while Bunny handles the finances. Rick got into alligator hunting after joining the family business, however there is no real money in trapping gators as the state only pays $30 per animal.

Clearly, alligator hunting and stuffing is not for everyone. The Blue Collar Millionaires crew were covering their noses from the stench while filming.

Even though Rick and Bunny are living the American Dream, they'd rather spend their money on building memories with their family than buying a lot of material things.

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