Daymond John: 'Real entrepreneurs' will thrive under Trump, despite uncertainty

Daymond John
Photo by Greg Doherty

Daymond John, star of ABC's hit show "Shark Tank" and entrepreneur behind the $6 billion urban street-wear brand FUBU, says that while a lot is changing in America right now under President Donald Trump, the challenge should please any real entrepreneur.

I "know there is a lot of uncertainty out there, but to a true entrepreneur, that doesn't matter. We have always had uncertainty," John said at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit Wednesday.

"That's what an entrepreneur does. They wake up every single day and they deal with adversity."

Rather than see turbulent times as threatening, John said that "true entrepreneurs" will understand that they're a test, one that only the strongest will pass.

If you go into it scared, you are dead already.
Daymond John
founder of FUBU

"The real entrepreneurs I know look at this as, 'Oh good! There are more problems coming around, that means the weak ones are going to fall by the wayside and I am about to get busy."

"That's the only way to look at it, because if you go into it scared, you are dead already."

Innovation helps too. Thanks to rapid advances and achievements in technology, "we are in the best time in history" to be an entrepreneur, says John.

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