Singles agree there’s nothing sexier than an entrepreneur

Photo by Matthias Ritzmann

Turns out there really is nothing sexier than confidence, independence and ambition.

The number one "modern turn-on" for singles in 2016 is being an entrepreneur, according to the latest annual "Singles in America" survey.

Released earlier in February by online dating conglomerate Match, this is the seventh annual survey of its kind but the first year that Match has asked survey respondents to rank modern turn-ons. Thirty-seven percent of single survey respondents rank a entrepreneurial spirit first.

Match's release calls this "the appeal of the go-getter" and notes, "Entrepreneurs tend to be creative, industrious, self-confident and daring. It's another step in the emerging global trend toward the double income family, successful business women and men who respect and admire women for their business acumen."

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The second-highest-ranking turn-on for singles is a partner who calls often, according to the report, which surveyed more than 5,000 singles in 2016.

And while singles want to hear from their love interest regularly, they don't want to see their significant other whining on Facebook all the time. The third most popular turn-on for singles is someone who does not like or use social media. Twenty-six percent of singles report being attracted to someone who is a bit more restrained.

Behaving badly on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms is the number one modern day turn-off among singles, the report found. Fifty-eight percent of singles find it a turn-off when someone complains on Facebook, and fifty percent are turned off by over-sharing.

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