The biggest money news of the week in 60 seconds

We know you're busy and, these days, it feels like there's more news than ever to keep up with. Well, we've got you covered.

Here's a preview the week's biggest money stories to watch for and a quick rundown of how they may affect you.

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WHAT'S HAPPENING: President Trump is meeting with Chinese President Xi Jin Pin

WHY IT MATTERS: Prices of goods like your iPhone may go up

The two most powerful leaders in the world are finally meeting after some serious social media drama. This will be yuuuge.

The main point of contention is trade. Trump has warned China that the U.S. may slap a tax on Chinese goods coming into America. In response, Beijing officials could do the same, or they could make doing business in their country more expensive for companies like Apple that manufacture parts of the iPhone there. And if Apple ends up having to pay more, you may have to pay more too.

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WHAT'S HAPPENING: The tax deadline is almost here

WHY IT MATTERS: If you don't file by April 18, you could get in trouble with the IRS

Filing taxes is often stressful, especially if you leave it to the last minute. But thanks to technology it can also be more straightforward than ever. We've found three apps that are simple and intuitive and allow you to file your taxes from your smartphone instead of racing to the post office.

Check out MyBlock, TaxSlayer and CreditKarma.

Bonus: Want to lower your tax bill next year? Boost your retirement contributions. Every pre-tax dollar you save towards a retirement account shaves a dollar off of your taxable income. That means more money in your pocket later and less in Uncle Sam's now.

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WHAT'S HAPPENING: The March jobs report is coming up on Friday, April 7

WHY IT MATTERS: If you want to change jobs, some of this info could be super useful

Despite what you might hear, America is actually killing it on the jobs front: The unemployment rate has stayed under 5 percent since LAST April. Even wages are improving.

But before you decide to switch careers, check out the report to see which industries are doing the most hiring.

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WHAT'S HAPPENING: New earnings report for Bed Bath and Beyond

WHY IT MATTERS: We might be seeing the end of shopping as we know it

The average consumer is shopping more online than at the mall, and the trend is starting to have a dire effect on large iconic retailers like Macy's, which recently said it's closing 100 stores. Rivals like JC Penney's and Sears are also shuttering shops and letting go staff. Soon, we may have a harder time "going" shopping … because there will be fewer places to actually "go" to. Will we soon have to say bye to Bed Bath and Beyond in its physical form? This earnings report will give us an idea.

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