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The 10 states where you're most likely to find a job saving the planet

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Interest in jobs focused on the environment is higher in the U.S. than in any other English-speaking country. While every state has opportunities for these job seekers, there are some where so-called "green jobs" make up a greater percentage of the overall number of open positions.

Job search site Indeed and SUNY Polytechnic Institute took a look at the states offering the greatest job prospects to environmental scientists, water resource engineers, solar technicians and other would-be naturalists.

Vermont has the most opportunities for planet-savers. The occupations of this kind with the most open roles are environmental specialist and environmental technician.

It's appropriate that a state nicknamed the "Green Mountain State" would have the most opportunities, but Indeed notes there are green roles available in states that are "red or blue, industrial or agricultural, densely populated or lightly populated."

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States known more for oil and coal production than environmentalism also fare well on this ranking, with Alaska coming in second and Kentucky and North Dakota also claiming top spots.

If you're on the hunt for a job that will improve the planet's prospects, you may want to consider focusing your search on these states:

1. Vermont

2. Alaska

3. Wisconsin

4. Kentucky

5. North Dakota

6. District of Columbia

7. Montana

8. Wyoming

9. California

10. New Jersey

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